Yours truly 

Heya! My name is Anna! Welcome to my blog. I am an entrepreneur compelled to seek the beautiful things in life. Such a quest has led me to becoming what is generally known as an “Avon Lady” – an Independent Sales Representative of Avon. I have been selling Avon products since mid-2016 and have an ever-expanding local customer base.

I am particularly partial to lipstick, nailpolish and perfume. I grew up loving reading and writing. Put all these together and you get my blog.

So…what is Avon exactly?

I’m glad you asked! Avon has been selling quality products since 1886, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Since then Avon has grown into a multinational company boasting a collection of high quality makeup, skin care, fragrance, fashion, homewares, books and much more.

Avon puts out a new brochure (or “Campaign”) around every three weeks. During those three weeks, Avon Representatives give copies of the brochures to their customers who can then order items from those brochures. Avon will normally deliver the products ordered to the Representative and they will then pass them onto you, the customer.

Representatives are all about local, friendly and reliable customer service as well as high quality products. What other company gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee? If you’re not happy with your Avon product, your Representative will be happy to exchange it or refund you, zero questions, zero fuss.

Keep scrolling for more about Avon’s roots!

But why do you sell Avon?

It started off as a way to earn some extra money whilst being temporarily unemployed. It has grown into something I want to eventually do full-time.

I live for the moment when I give a customer a product and they tell me…

  • they love the colour
  • it’s just what they needed
  • it really works for them
  • it gives them great results
  • it’s their new favourite
  • and occasionally, they squeal with delight. 

About Avon

Avon has been selling quality products since 1886, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Avon has grown into a company boasting a collection of products in makeup, skin care, fragrance, fashion, homewares, books and much more.

But did you know Avon actually started as a company selling books?

David H. McConnell

Yep! David H. McConnell (founder of what would become Avon) grew up in rural New York and worked as a door-to-door book salesman. As an incentive for his customers, he included samples of homemade perfume with the books he sold.

Turns out that the women he was trying to sell his books to were more interested in the perfumes! He ended up abandoning books in favour of his in-house perfumes and selling these door to door under the California Perfume Company.

McConnell saw his female customers not only as customers, but also potential salespeople. Many were struggling financially without any opportunity to have their own source of income.  McConnell recognised that such ladies were in a perfect position to share in his business and advocate for his products – women know women!

Mrs P. F. E. Albee

Enter Mrs P. F. E. Albee of New Hampshire. Formidable lady. First official Representative of Avon. Absolute trailblazer. In just over 10 years, another 4,999 Representatives joined Mrs Albee to sell McConnell’s products.

McConnell was passionate about his products and his employees. He held the belief that fantastic products and passionate people were the key to the company’s success. As a consequence, he offered employee incentives and a family-like atmosphere of support.

These values are still intrinsic to Avon today.

For more Avon history and information, you can read up on it at Avon Australia and Avon USA.