Anna Tries… Avon True Colour & Nutra Effects

The new Avon True Colour range has landed! I just got my Avon box with my orders, including the new Avon True Colour CC Powder and Avon True Colour Wide Awake Mascara.

Having not much to do on a lazy Sunday and being still in my pyjamas, I decided to do a trial of the new range. I wondered if it would make a difference to a just-woken-up face.

Before Avon True Nutra Effects
#nomakeup, #no filters #wokeuplikethis


This is me in the morning, no makeup, no filters, no nothing. Didn’t even put the bathroom light on.

Now to see what the new Avon True Colour range can do!



  1. Wet face with warm water and use one pump of Avon Nutra Effects Self Foaming Cleanser to clean face, rubbing gently. Rinse with warm or cool water (I used cool water on a second rinse). Pat dry with a towel.
  2. Using a cotton pad or ball, use a small amount of Avon Nutra Effects Toner and wipe over face and neck (don’t use too much!).
  3. Apply Avon Nutra Effects Balance Daily Cream SPF 15 over face and neck.

Now that my face is clean and moisturised, it’s time for the Avon True Colour Range.

  1. Using a kabuki brush, use Avon True Colour CC Powder in Light Medium all over the face (and neck if you want), including over the eyes. I used the powder puff that came with the powder initially, but I found a kabuki brush gives better spread of the powder. You could also use a powder or blush brush. Using these brushes allows you to build the colour gradually – no mistakes!
  2. Once you are happy with the amount of CC powder applied, apply the Avon True Colour Wide Awake Mascara. I only used one coat and did not curl my lashes, but you could curl them first and use two coats for a more dramatic look.

And that’s it!

The Verdict:

After Avon True Nutra Effects

These products don’t cover up your face entirely, so it gives a more natural look. It also took less than 10 minutes to do the entire process. Quick AND easy is a bonus. You could also use other products to build up the look (eg blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick etc). Versatile too! 

Avon True Colour CC Powder: 4/5

Avon True Colour Wide Awake Mascara: 4/5




The above Avon True Colour and Avon Nutra Effects products are available for purchase from my Avon Online Store